Committee Chairs & Meeting Info 2010 - 2011

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University Committee Info

Chair: Trevor Getz, Phone: 415-338-7561, Email:
Meeting Times: Alternative Tuesdays ADM 552 2-5 p.m.
Charge: The Academic Policies Committee (APC) shall study and evaluate existing educational policies and plans and may initiate recommendations for changes in them. No modifications in such plans or policies shall be implemented without the approval of this Committee.
1 Grad 1 Undergrad

Chair: Arlene Bugayong, Email:
Meeting Time: 1st Mondays SSB 304
Charge: In administering these regulations and policies, the University recognized that it must at times take into consideration the special needs of the individual student. The President, by virtue of his authority and responsibility for the administration of the educational program in the University, has delegated to the Board of Appeals and Review the responsibility for ruling on requests for special consideration. This Board, in addition to acting on student requests for special consideration, also evaluates policies and regulations and, when appropriate, recommends to the appropriate body reconsideration of policies and recommends modifications in interpretation and application of policies.
2 ASI reps

Chair: Vinay Shrivastava, Phone: 415-338-1430, Email:
Meeting Time: Alternative Tuesdays ADM 560 2-5 p.m.
Charge: The primary responsibility of the Curriculum Review and Approval Committee (CRAC) is to ensure that University programs follow those criteria and procedures developed by the Academic Policies Committee.
1 Grad, 1Undergrad

Chair: Ricardo Gomes, Phone: (415) 338-2229, E-mail:
Meeting Time: Once a month, usually Thursdays, 1-3p.m.
Charge: Review and recommend to the Academic Senate regarding proposals from individual programs seeking impaction, including supplementary procedures for maintaining a diverse student body; and receive and review annual reports from impacted programs on their success in maintaining a diverse student body and on the need for the continuation of impaction.
2 ASI reps

Chair: David Hellman, Phone: 415-405-0686, Email:
Meeting Time: Non-Senate Tuesdays as needed ADM 560 2-5 p.m.
Charge: Examples of issues that might come before EPC include but are not limited to requests by programs for exceptions to GE policy and proposals for program discontinuance. The process for review of proposed discontinuance of undergraduate and graduate degrees, concentrations, minors, and certificates is fully outlined in AS Policy #S93-177 Academic Program Discontinuance.

Chair: Nancy Gerber, Phone: 415-338-1160, Email:
Meeting Time: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of month, from 12:30-2 p.m. @ ADM 460
Charge: The General Education Council (GEC) will be responsible for establishing policies and principles which govern the general education program. An academic review of the program will be conducted every five years in accordance with the guidelines established by the Trustees for academic program review. GEC will be responsive to and initiate adjustments in objectives, principles, and programs as changing times and needs demand. The Council will submit its decisions and recommendations to the Educational Policies Council. Upon final approval, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, in cooperation with the GEC, will facilitate the implementation of adjustments in the program and will assure all areas within Segments I, II, and III are responsibly and adequately represented.     
1 student

Chair: Pam Vaughn
Meeting Time: Flexible, 3-4 meetings, Dec & Jan President’s Conference Room
Charge: All earned degrees granted in the California State University are awarded "upon recommendation of the faculty." All honorary degrees are granted by the Trustees of the California State University following the procedure outlined in the Trustees' Guidelines for Awarding Honorary Degrees. These Guidelines specify that all recommendations originating in any of the campus committees shall be submitted through the President, and that the President shall establish a committee to review the recommendations and assist in the compilations of materials in support of the campus nominations.
1 student appointed by ASI

Chair: Bridget McCracken, Phone: 415-817-4455, Email:
Meeting Time: Non-Senate Tuesdays SSB 401 2-5 p.m.
Charge: The responsibility of the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) is to define and recommend to the appropriate body institutional policy as it affects students, including but not limited to the following areas: student life services; advising and counseling; testing and student learning; Student Union; financial aid; foreign students and other special groups; health services; housing; student government; student conduct and student justice. SAC shall also concern itself with instructionally related University activities such as intercollegiate athletics, publications and Creative Arts productions.
Membership: Five students, one each representing Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, Graduates - Student committee members shall be elected by the Associated Students Board

Chair: Nelson Graff, Phone: 415- 405-2454, Email:
Meeting Time: Tuesdays BH 44 12:30-1:45 p.m.
Charge: The Teacher Credential Committee (TCC) shall make recommendations to the Dean of the College of Education regarding all existing and proposed University teacher credential programs.
2 student reps

Chair: Betsy Blosser, Phone: 415- 338-1326, Email:
Meeting Time: Alternative Wednesdays ADM 560 10-12 p.m.
Charge: Since CWEP proposes reviews and provides recommendations regarding policy and procedures on writing proficiency, it is important that it maintain communication and consult as appropriate with standing academic and administrative committees, departments, programs, colleges, and the Academic Affairs officers and the academic deans. Similarly, when any subset of the aforementioned bodies is considering modifications to practice or policy affecting the written proficiency of students, it will be expected to consult with CWEP in a timely fashion prior to approval.
1 ASI rep

Chair: Dr. Marc Martin
Meeting Time: every other Thursday from 2:30 to 4:00
Charge: The SAPAC is charged with deciding, through an appeal process, whether or not to grant financial aid to graduate and undergraduate students who have either too many units towards their degree or a unit deficiency beyond tolerance
1 ASI rep,