Goals and Objectives

Mission Statement:

Associated Students, Inc. serves as the voice of student interests and promotes an enriched co-curricular university life experience. We are dedicated to fostering the development of San Francisco State's diverse student body through a commitment to shared governance. We provide and support student services and programs, maintain responsible and transparent use of funding, while encouraging external advocacy efforts.


  1. Increase student awareness of and involvement in local, national and international issues effecting higher education.
  2. Assess current students' needs in order to enhance ASI including programs, services and responsibilities.
  3. Increase student knowledge on student based ASI services, operations, resources through transparency.
  4. Maintain ASI as a visible and participating member of Student Life.
  5. Strengthen relationships and communication between ASI and student leadership across the university.
  6. Sustain student leadership and involvement in the planning and development of the Recreation and Wellness Center.