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Project Connect

About Us

Project Connect Recruitment and Retention Resource Center is an Associated Students program that exists to empower and involve the student body to promote higher education and facilitate graduation for low income and historically underrepresented communities. This program strives to impace the future generations of San Francisco State University students by sharing with them our university life and experience.


The ASI Project Connect: Recruitment and Retention Resource Center’s Internship program is designed to empower San Francisco State University (SFSU) students by developing professional and leadership growth through their student involvement. As mentors, role models and activists, students will impact under represented communities. The Internship program offers SFSU students an opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge with other students through mentoring and group activities. It allows students the opportunity to acquire knowledge of the various campus retention and recruitment services available.

The ASI Project Connect Internship program offers SFSU students the opportunity to earn university credit for their community service hours provided on/off campus as mentors and service referral providers. SFSU students must sign up for the ETHS 697 class offered for Project Connect. Student may also be registered through Community Service Learning (CSL) program in the College of Ethnic Studies or the Community Involvement Center (CIC) on campus. ASI Project Connect will serve as an agency for these students to volunteer their time.


The objective of the ASI Project Connect Internship program is to develop professional leadership skills and to connect students with existing SFSU recruitment and retention programs. Interns will contribute and will make a difference in recruitment and retention efforts of the center and the university.

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Retention Department

Interns in the Retention department will become familiar with retention services and resources available on campus such us financial aid, advising and tutoring services, university graduation requirements and general information about SFSU. Interns in this department will help with the following events and programs:

Retention Department Events and Services

  • Information Fair/Festival
  • Mixers- for student organizations with university programs
  • Peer Mentorship Program
  • Resource Center
  • Book Loan Program
  • Referral Program
  • ASI Scholarships/Awards Ceremony

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Recruitment Department

Interns in the recruitment department will learn outreach skills and how to navigate the bureaucracy within the public school system. Interns will serve as mentors, role models and tour guides to students visiting our campus. Interns in this department will help with the following events and programs:

Recruitment Department Events and Services

  • High Schools Outreach
  • Middle Schools Outreach
  • Elementary Schools Outreach
  • Community College Outreach
  • “Yes You Can” Student Panels, College Interviews & Campus Tours

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Student Leadership and Professional Development

Interns will be expected to attend workshops/training sessions on: cultural sensitivity, public speaking skills, presentations etc. Interns will be given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by planning, evaluating, team building, strategizing, etc.

Interns will serve as community organizers and they will have the opportunity to work with the community on campus and off campus. As community organizers they will do outreach activities, organize presentations, workshops and events. They will also be responsible for making phone calls, preparing banners and material needed for outreach presentations and events. Students will help promote the RRC and SFSU services by being involved and informed.

In general all interns must attend developmental workshops and training sessions, participate during meetings and events, off campus outreach presentations, office duties and other related duties may be assigned as needed.

As a reward for all services provided, all interns and volunteers will be invited to attend the Annual Recognition Awards Banquet. This Banquet is a special event organized by the staff of the center in recognition of all work provided by interns/volunteers & student organizations.

Internship Qualifications:

Students interested in becoming interns must be registered student at SFSU with a preferred minimum GPA of 2.5. Students must complete an ASI Project Connect application each semester and sign up as interns or volunteers and commit a set amount of hours to contribute to the center’s mission and goals established by its staff. If you would like to inquire more about the different options to earn university credit for this internship please contact Mario Flores, ASPC Director at 415-405-4048.

Internship Commitment points:

  • Available to meet weekly for Internship meetings on Wednesdays from 3pm to 4pm.
  • Complete a minimum of 35hours (2-3hrs/wk) and/or as required for your CSL / CIC. (Students may complete their hours anytime during the week – prefer Wednesdays. We will accommodate your schedule for you to finish your required hours)
  • Complete all 5 required assignments:
    1. Campus Scavenger Hunt (Group activity)
    2. Tour Cards – for campus tours
    3. Reflection Paper on Internship experience
    4. News Article –Youth / Education (Group activity)
    5. Class /group or Public presentation
  • Be professional, a team player and willing to help others to succeed in college.
  • Must be committed to Project Connect mission statement and goals of the group.

For more information contact: Mario R Flores, AS Project Coordinator at 405-4048.

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