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Project Rebound opens college doors to ex-cons

Apr 24, 2007 ... (Note to Editors: Project Rebound will host a special thirtieth anniversary reunion/celebration honoring its founder, SFSU Emeritus ... -
May 12, 2009 From behind bars to behind books: project helps ex-cons

Golden Gate [X]Press : Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of...

Mar 13, 2008... I wouldn't have had the time,” says Jason Bell. Bell is ... -

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San Francisco Seeks Reentry for Returning California Prisoners ...

Jan 19, 2011 ... Jason Bell, Director of Project Rebound at San Francisco State University, is a member of the Council, and a panelist at the Summit. ...

Golden Gate [X]press : Education redefines ex-inmates

Dec 7, 2010 ... As the poster children for successful reentry, Bell, Morales and Durnell have been overwhelmed with letters and requests to speak about ...

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