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Supporting the formerly incarcerated on their journey through successful reintegration in a college setting.

(Project Rebound Associated Students Inc., San Francisco State University.)

In 1967 Professor John Irwin created Project Rebound as a way to matriculate people into San Francisco State University (S.F.S.U.) directly from the criminal Justice system. The focus of Project Rebound quickly became “Education as an Alternative to incarceration” and “Turning Former Prisoners to Scholars” after being embraced by the Associated Students Incorporated. Since the program inception there have been hundreds of formerly incarcerated folks who have obtained four – year degrees and beyond.

Campus and Community Support

The program also acts as a liaison between networks throughout the campus at-large as well as throughout the communities in and around the San Francisco bay area. We are involved in working with teenagers and adults. As such, we utilize a multitude of educational, tutorial, and vocational resources. Wherein we also focus on job referrals, housing, counseling, and networking with “human Service Provider Programs” that can best serve our student’s needs. It is our contention that it hard to educate the hungry and homeless. From prison to empowerment, from destitution to the notion of “restorative justice”, we are here to aid those who want to help themselves and to help others. We are still about the business of “each –one – teach –one.” Programs like our cannot exist without people like you who are willing to reach back and help those who have supported you. Through the Community Involvement Center (CIC) Project Rebound can offer a student 3-5 units doing volunteer work for the program.

Admission Strategies

  1. Fill-out our questionnaire, answering all questions and return it to our office.
  2. If you qualify we will send you an admission packet for S.F.S.U.
  3. If you do not qualify we will send you a letter with all the information to enroll at EOPS/Second Chance at City College of San Francisco.
  4. However, if you are determined to be a San Francisco State University student and could not enter the university through the regular admission process. You can enroll in the TAB program that will allow you to take 3 units at SFSU while still attending City College.
  5. If you network with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DOR) write to 301 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105. If you have a documented disability they may have further assistance or support.
  6. People with “drug case” may qualify for Financial Aid (Financial Aid consists of free grants and/or loans given to students attending school.) 1-3 years after a conviction. DO NOT  be discouraged, there are still ways to get Financial  –Aid

Project Rebound

Associated Students Inc.

Cesar Chavez Student Center

1650 Holloway Avenue, T-138

San Francisco ,CA 94132-1722

(415) 405-0954, FAX : (415) 338-0522



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