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Book Loan

SFSU students interested in borrowing textbooks for the Fall 2009 semester can pick up an application from the Project Connect Resource Center (T-139), located on the terrace level of Cesar Chavez Student Center. Priority applications process starts August 24th, 2009. Textbooks are distributed on a first-come first-serve basis.

Students are limited to borrow up to 2 books per semester. Students can only borrow books that are on-hand in the A.S. Project Connect Book Loan Inventory.

Priority Eligibility Criteria:

Must be currently enroll at SFSU with a minimum of 6 units Must be a low-income student receiving financial aid or AB 540 status

Bring the following to receive your books:

  1. Complete A.S. Project Connect Book Loan Service application (PDF)
  2. Copy of your current class schedule.
  3. Copy of your SFSU financial statement or financial aid award letter
  4. Copy of your current SFSU I.D. or government issued ID.

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Policy and Guidelines

In order to participate in the ASPC Book Loan Service, students must meet the following guidelines:

The following represents the policies students agree to participate in the Associated Students Project Connect Book Loan Service at San Francisco State University.

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Directions: How to Apply

Please follow the directions to help avoid delays. Have your application completed and attach all the required documents. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

  1. Check your syllabus or visit the Textbook Department at the SFSU Bookstore to identify all required book information.
  2. Compare your book list to the ASPC book loan inventory list posted outside T-139. If there are books that match, fill out the ASPC Book Loan Service Application (PDF). Remember books will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  3. Must submit the following documents with your completed Book Loan Service Application:
    • Copy of your class schedule*
    • Copy of your financial aid award letter or SFSU financial statement *
    • Copy of your Current SFSU ID

* These items can be obtained and printed online at

Any questions regarding the above
Please contact the staff of AS Project Connect
At (415) 405-4048

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