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Since its founding in 1972, EROS has offered a variety of free services to the San Francisco State University community, while working to promote diversity, tolerance, and responsibility toward sexuality. EROS follows the philosophy that sexuality is an important part of everyone’s life and is manifested in a variety of ways.

We are a dedicated, non-judgmental, sex positive, student run program that addresses all aspects of sexuality regardless of racial, cultural or ethnic background, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, disability, sexual activity, abstinence or any other factors.

As the leading advocate and promoter of healthy, safer and positive sex on SFSU’s campus, EROS provides resources and services for walk in clientele, and co-sponsors significant and historical events held on campus.

What services does EROS offer?

Safer Sex Materials

We offer free latex and non-latex condoms, female condoms, dental dams, water based lubrications, and latex gloves. These materials can be acquired in our office in the Cesar Chavez Student Center in M-109.

Educational Programs and Resources

Each semester EROS has speakers, film screenings, discussions and historical events about sex and sexuality, all of these are open to the entire student body for free. If you are interested in having EROS staff provide a safer sex presentation or have ideas or suggestions on events you would like to see take place, please feel free to contact our office.

For students looking for sexual information, we have a referral database of programs and services offered at SFSU, in San Francisco and the general Bay Area.

Lending Library

We provide an up to date library of books, textbooks and videos ranging from subjects such as: LGBTQ sex and issues, fetishism, sexual disability, culture and art, and sexual history.
These materials can be checked out for free and used for personal or research purposes.


People are always welcome to volunteer for our program and may earn units through C.I.C. Although it is not required, having background knowledge on human sexuality would be extremely helpful for volunteering in the environment our program works in. Volunteers are encouraged to attend weekly meetings, participate in bi-weekly tabling sessions on campus to promote program awareness, and aid in the preparation of campus events. If you are interested in volunteering with our program please do not hesitate stop by our office or send us an email.

Contact Us

We are located in the Cesar Chavez Student Center on the second level in room M-109. Our phone number is (415) 338-2457 and our email is

We at EROS understand that talking about sex and sexual issues maybe uncomfortable and embarrassing for some. Our program is here for you and provides a safe space for sexual issues to be learned about and discussed.


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