Voting Results

Yes Votes: 688 | No Votes: 30

The voting period started at 9am on September 30th and ended at 11:59pm on October 1st. The total vote count for the two days of voting (September 30th and October 1st) is 718.
Students were able to cast their votes using the eBallot which is an on-line voting system. AS had three polling sites located at Student Center, Student Service Building and Housing Dinning Center area to allow SF State student to cast their votes as a convenience and to provide additional information regarding the Merger of AS and the Cesar Chavez Student Center vote.
There were 31,191 SF State students who were eligible to vote during the two day voting period. Approximately 2.32 percent of the students participated in the vote.
The AS Board of Directors also held two Town Hall events on September 24th in the Student Center and October 1st at the Residential Dining Center. These Town Hall events provided students with the opportunity to engage and ask questions with the AS board directors regarding the merger vote.

What are the Benefits?

Every Student at SF State is a member of AS and the new AS is committed to enhancing SF State pride

The New Associated Students will expand the number of student leadership opportunities and opportunities to influence the decision making process
There will be three new positions added to the board for groups who currently receive funding from students on campus in order to have a better representation of students on our board. These positions include a residential, student athletics, and Student Health Advisory representative
There will be assemblies created for participation in the decision making process for SF State students who are dedicated to student involvement and input
The New AS will focus on new and exciting programming in order to stay engaged with students and provide students with more opportunities for a worthwhile and fulfilling college experience
The New AS will be able to more efficiently use resources to support an enriching student life experience
The New AS will be a leader in campus sustainability efforts and will be an exemplar for other universities
The New AS will connect students and engage them with the campus community

Board of Directors Statement

The Associated Students Board of Directors unanimously supports the merger with former Cesar Chavez Student Center.

The Associated Students Board Of Directors believes that the consolidation of the two student centered auxiliaries will provide for more efficient operations and better serve the campus community while providing increased opportunities to impact all students through an expanded student government presence. The AS Board of Directors is committed to ensuring the new student enhanced auxiliary is inclusive, collaborative, transparent and effective in meeting the needs and inclusion of students. The Associated Students Board of Directors vision is to realize the potential benefits of an enhanced student experience at San Francisco State University by forming The New Associated Students.